Zombie Paintball
15275 County Road 49,
Summerdale AL 36580
magnolia corn maze
Magnolia Springs, Alabama
Hours of Operation:
Field of Terror & Zombie Paintball
Fri :      6 p.m. - 11 p.m
Sat :   6 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Halloween :  6 p.m. - 11 p.m.
join the craze; come get lost in the maze
Zombie Paintball & Field of Terror

Come enjoy an experience that you can't
find anywhere else in the area. We need
your help to keep these Zombies from
taking over Magnolia Corn Maze and
turning us all into zombies.

We are going to try to answer some of your questions about our Zombie Paintball Hayride. It is a tractor drawn trailer with 20 paintball guns attached to the trailer itself.


We are now accepting volunteers to participate in the Field of Terror and Zombie Paintball
for our 2014 season. If you would enjoy participating please
contact us.

Zombie Paintball loads on a specially designed trailer utilizing paintball guns loaded with a
specially formulated paintballs to exterminate zombies. Even utilizing these zombie killing
paintball loads it still takes multiple shots to kill the undead. That is why we have loaded the
trailer with guns down each side to exterminate the zombies before they take over the farm
and eventually the world. Please come join us in our fight against world domination by the

You will have the oppurtunity to purchase an additional 100 for $5 before or during the hayride. We will start loading our Zombie Paintball hayrides at 6 pm on all three nights and they will last approximately 12-15 minutes. We are not taking reservations for Zombie Paintball. We hope to see you out here. Feel free to email or call with any other questions.