Field Trips
Magnolia Corn Maze is the perfect place for children to explore, learn
and have fun in an outdoor environment. All grade levels are welcome,
and we encourage teachers to team up with another class in order to
further enhance your experience on the farm.

This year Magnolia Corn Maze's educational maze will be the United
States of America. The maze has been cut into the shape of the United
States, with the paths taking you on a tour through each state. Along the
way you will learn different things about The United States. There will
also be fun things for students to find that represent some of the states.
Your field trip will include a tractor drawn
hayride, corn maze, scavenger hunt, pig race,
petting zoo, games and more. When it’s time to
cool down and eat, head on over to our covered
pavilion to have a picnic lunch or snack.
field trip
Aside from having fun, field trip-goers will also
receive a unique and educational experience.
Having an opportunity to spend the day on a REAL
FARM isn’t something a lot of children have
access to; that and there aren’t to many farms like
ours in the area.
Here at Magnolia Corn Maze we’re dedicated to accommodating our guests, and are willing to work
carefully with you in tailoring a schedule that best fits your budget and desires.
For more information regarding field trips at Magnolia Corn Maze, download our 2014 Field Trip Flyer  
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join the craze; come get lost in the maze
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